About Us

The spirit of the Arizona Piano Company is inspired by its owner, concert pianist Jason Sipe. Jason began studying piano at the age of seven and had a brilliant concert career awaiting him even before he graduated from Arizona State University. At the age of 15 he also began selling pianos and quickly became equally passionate about piano sales.

He soon discovered that, even more than performing music, he enjoyed helping people appreciate and afford fine pianos. Consequently, at the age of 20 he chose piano marketing as his career. He joined AZ Piano soon after it opened in 1991, became the lead sales representative in 1993, and then purchased the company in 1995. Jason transformed AZ Piano to fulfill his dream of offering pianos that are the finest musical instruments available in the world in all price ranges. The moment you pass through the front doors of AZ Piano you can sense the difference. A serene and tastefully decorated 20,000 square foot showroom filled with Kawai, Schimmel, Mason & Hamlin, Shigeru Kawai, Pearl River, August Förster and Estonia plus many more grand and upright pianos for sale — all beautiful musical instruments, each one tuned, regulated and ready for delivery. AZ Piano is one of the few family-owned piano companies in the nation, and Jason is always on hand to answer questions. Customers are always amazed to experience Jason’s expertise and encyclopedic knowledge of pianos and the piano industry. But the real thrill is to have him play the piano for you — this alone is worth your trip!

AZ Piano is the place where your dreams become a reality! Whether you are a beginner piano student, an intermediate pianist who has played for a few years, an advanced pianist who needs a professional instrument, or a future owner who does not play but just wants to proudly enrich your home with a player piano, AZ Piano has an instrument to accommodate your needs. AZ Piano has its own player piano system installation center, where your choice of player systems can be custom installed. Enjoy listening to any famous artist playing your piano any time you want!

At AZ Piano, Jason insists on offering only the finest pianos in each price range. He is an exclusive dealer for world famous and most prestigious lines of pianos including Kawai, Schimmel, Shigeru Kawai, Pearl River, August Förster, and Estonia. Each of these is a superb musical instrument, individually handmade by master craftsmen – not mass produced.

Seasoned pianists can easily hear and feel the difference. For the intermediate to advanced pianist, Jason offers the full line of Kawai products. From the award winning K Series uprights to the GX series grands, one can’t resist owning the best pianos from Japan. Yet he did not forget the modest piano owner either. By offering the full line of Pearl River, August Förster and Estonia, Jason allows families on a budget to afford a high quality instrument.

Above all, you are welcome to visit AZ Piano — welcome to come in and play these splendid instruments, welcome to just come in and learn about pianos, welcome to come hear Jason play, welcome to visit this place where your “dreams become a reality” and find the piano for you!